Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hole In The Mouth

Zander lost a couple of teeth on the same day. He now has a hole big enough for a spoon to get lodged and never come out. He thought it was pretty cool that even though he physically lost one of teeth...the tooth fairy found it's way to the house to drop some change under the pillow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dinner Is Boring

JoJo not wanting to be impolite and leave the dinner table before all others were through decided that it was easier to sleep than ask permission to leave. Yes, she feel asleep whilst having dinner. Her plate was empty, the food was good, but the company at the table that night was boring. Hard to please a 3 year-old.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Night Knechtions

For the last 3 months we have been having Friday night Knechtions where the kids are invited to bring their friends over to play on the computer; game cube; do puppet shows; eat pizza and more. It is an open house at our house for the kids in the neighborhood.

Although intended for the bigger kids, Friday Night Knechtions was enjoyed heaps by those 5 and under last night. A puppet show and more was done by the younger kids.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm Flying

Zander and JoJo are trying out some of the moves they have learned at Gymnastics on the bar stools. We are sure glad that when they really fly they don't have their mouths open. I don't think Zanders' missing teeth would make a great wind shield.

Bride To Be - Practising Early

We found Cina's veil and such from almost 17 years ago and Emilie and JoJo both had to try it on. Although she looks really cute...we are very glad that her wedding day is a long long time from now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Birthday Girl

JoJo turned three on the 17th and we had a birthday party for her early in the morning. She has taken a liking to Cinderella and so she got lots of different Rindacella types of things. She goes around in her glass slippers and waves her wand. We are not sure if she is expecting the boys to turn to princes or disappear. Whatever the reason for her waving her wand, it appears to work and so she will quickly change everyone back to normal.

Jospehine is great joy to have around the house. She is excited about everything she does even if it is sometimes a grumpy excitedness.

Hans The Scientist

Hans is in the middle of a science experiment for his 7th grade class. He is trying to see if the acidity of the water affects the way seeds germinate. So far...he has proven to be a wonderful scientist and not such a good cantelope seed grower. No matter what the PH level...he has had nothing germinate contrary to what he thought however, he has kept a great science log and notebook. We will see his final results in about 2 more weeks.

Our Knechtions

Welcome to our Knecht Family Blog. We hope that you enjoy this site as you navigate around and get to know the family.

In this initial picture you see our four wonderful children along with Father Time taken in December of 2005.

Hans is 12.5 years old and known as our 'tweenie.' He is a great young man.

Emilie is 9 and enjoying the 4th grade and is a great big sister to her younger brother and sister.

Alexander is 5.5 years old, and is in the footsteps of his bigger sister and brother playing the cello. All three of them enjoy the cello and play it well.

Josephine is 3 now and is always getting into trouble. She is our 'Naughty Chicken' and loves to do excatly what her older brothers and sister does.

We will see how often we are able to publish but at least weekly so that our friends and family around the world can see what is happening to our kids and us as parents. Enjoy and Welcome!!!!