Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Alexander

Happy Birthday to our six year-old Alexander. This morning he woke at 530 AM and wanted to have his party then since last year in Sweden we did it early in the AM. This AM I had not even finished frosting the cake. We finished that...he went back down to bed and then we invaded his room after we woke the rest of the gang...sang 'Burpy Halfday' ... opened presents ... and then went up stairs and had a healthy breakfast of Chocolate Cake and Milk. We are glad Alexander is part of our family and that he has brought such joy, fun and excitement to our home.

Here JoJo is hiding whilst Zander is opening his presents.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Cellos Galore - ISSI Camp 2006

Cello Camp was held this week at Jordan High School. There were more than 800 string instrument players and the Knecht Family contributed three of them. This is the third year for both Emilie and Hans...but Zander's first year. It is not only Cello but Bass, Violin and Viola as well. They have students that come from all over the world. Zander had a little boy who's dad is in the Foreign Service and they come from China every year. There were students from Singapore and Japan as well.

During the course of the week they have classes for 5 hours a day. They have a 'technique' class...a 'master class;' a group class and an enrichment class {Zander and Emilie} as well as Orchestra. You can see different things in the pictures we have attached.

Hans' orchestra class played 'Can Can' and 'Tropical Serenade' for their performance on Friday to a standing ovation by all that were in there. Zander came in and did the 'Can Can' along with another younger boy. We were missing Ricky Ricardo and others for the 'Tropical Serenade' and lots of 'Can Can' girls for the Can Can.

During the hour right after lunch they have 'assemblies' where different performances take place. Today was the 'Cello and Bass' recitals and each of the 'Group' classes got to get up on stage and perform one of the pieces that they had worked on during the week.

Zander was holding his cello quietly and properly whilst waiting for another class to show their stuff before he could.

Finally it was Zander's turn to play. They played two songs in their class and then 100+ cellos all played four songs. It was cool to hear.

Below you can see Emilie with a ballon in her string hand, being blown up by 'Dr. Beth' her Master Teacher, who also taught Zander's Group' lesson. That ballon makes her grip proper on the strings. It keeps the 'Tunnel' open and allows for her to move her hand properly on the strings to reach the correct notes.

Below Zander is playing for his 'Master Teacher' the beginning of each of the songs he knows. He was keeping his Dinasour in place and his shoulder down. Some of the hardest things from Zander to do.

In the picture below you see the Bass player from Hans' Orchestra class. That is Christian Hales, Jan Hilton's Grandson. This group played the Can Can at 208...the fastest they could get and Mrs. Willey was a hoot. She was the one directing above. I was actually able to capture her without blurs. She was moving fast and had a blast.
You see here Emilie and Zander's entire Orchestra group and their teacher. Her husband actually served mission in Sweden many years ago. Zander and Emilie learned 'Mamma's Little Baby' as well as other fun songs. These kids are from the 1st Grade through those that completed the Fourth. Tiny Tiny violins and Cellos bigger than some of the Violin players in the class.

Their teacher first saw a cello when she was in the First Grade and she has not stopped 'loving to play it since.'
Even JoJo went every day...but she was dropped off at Day Care there. We would leave the house at 745 AM and get home by 7 PM at night. It was a long adventure for all involved...but well worth it. The kids had a blast...and did great. Now we can rest from the Cello's for a day or two until lessons next week.

The Family VonKnechts!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Make A Goofy Face In Your PJs Day

There must have been some sugar in that Cap'n Crunch they ate. For when they got down from the bar they begin to make goofy faces. Well I will let these pictures tell the story of Zander and JoJo and how much fun they had making funny faces.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Future Hall Of Famer

Last Night a future Hall Of Famer played his first 'Coach Pitch' ball game. Early in the day Alexander wanted to get dressed in his uniform. We finally let him do that after play time was over at home {2 hours before game}.

All 13 players on each team seem to be on the infield, making almost 2 at each position but it is fun for the kids. When they were playing TBall here all wanted to chase the ball everytime it was hit. At least now only a couple of the players chase the ball if it gets past someone else.

Here Zander has hit the ball, runs to first base and then off to second upon the hit of the next batter. Eventually Zander comes into score. In all pictures Zander appears to be giving 'Low Five's' to all the ants in the basepath. Hans did a great job being the photog tonight whilst Pappa was the catcher when the coach was pitching.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Emilie's Baseball Game

Emilie had her second baseball game last night and did a a great job. In the first series of photos you can see her at the plate, then hitting the ball and then ending up on Third base with a low five from her coach. You can also see her scoring.

She dawned the cathcer's garb for another two innings in this game. She had a put out at Home again as she did in her first game last week. Although she liks shortstop better than catcher she is doing a great job.

The football {soccer} season is over for her, although she will still go to some of the practices. The 'competitive' team had enough spots with 10 year old girls that they don't allow the 9 year olds to play with them...although as the coach said it was not because of her ability. She will continue to practice with them and then play next year.

JoJo Brushing Her Teeth

JoJo got out of the tub a couple of days ago and decided to climb up and brush her teeth whilst in the buff. It was quite cute and I caught her on camera whilst doing this. I have one other that is more cute but since it shows a naked bum...I decided to let it be only this photo for all to enjoy.

Summer Job - Boy Am I Dirty

Hans has taken a Summer job with one of the guys in the neighborhood doing odd jobs at a construction site or two. This is the day he came home from a house in Deer Valley and was very dirty after helping move rocks and dirty for the landscaping. Yesterday he got to drive a riding lawn mower and already wants to drive a car. Opps...somethings need to wait. He has a hectic schedule with Swimming three mornings a week and then working until 3PM or so every afternoon and then baseball or competitive soccer. I guess it will help him in the Summer stay in shape and out of trouble. He is a great kid and enjoyed bringing hom the 'bacon' last Friday.