Monday, November 19, 2007

Clifford the Big Red Dog

JoJo had a Clifford Day at school today. All the kids were asked to wear red and black. Here is what she looked like when she came home. She had a blast. A Mormon going to a Methodist School. M&M bowl all over again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've Got Double Vision

So the Matt Harmon family was here visiting with us this weekend as they checked out some housing possibilities here in town. Happy Grandma had thought that Isabel and JoJo looked alike and had a lot of the same genes which would be Harmon genes. Sure enough getting them together proved that maybe there was some resemblance of each other. You can look for yourself in the pictures. It was great fun to have them here with us for the weekend. It will be fun to get together more in the future even if they stay where they are currently located.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Erik Cool

Joe Cool has a new name - Erik Cool. Here are some snaps of this wonderful young boy we have had around for almost 18 months. He is looking pretty good in the shades as he was having fun and making mom laugh.

Gobble Gobble

JoJo just had her Thanksgiving Feast at her school here in town. Mom got to go but forgot the camera so here are some pictures of her at home after the feast.

Now let us all sing together I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey a Turkey a Turkey I'm Glad I'm not a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They stuff you and cook you and then they all eat you I'm Glad I'm not a Turkey On Thanksgiving Day.

Anyway, she and mom had a blast and came back with all arms and legs as no one mistook them for a Turkey.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Emma is 11

Although born here Emma had never celebrated a birthday in Georgia until this year and we celebrated early since I will be traveling during her big 11. Erik had fun helping unwrap and wrap. It was a great morning to celebrate a birthday. She is such a blessing to our family as a peacemaker and great example of a beautiful young women. Many more years to come for this beautiful girl.

We tricked her with some of the candles...they kept relighting. It was fun.

Erik had a blast eating cake and ice cream. This last week we discovered why Erik was screaming soo soo much at meal time. He wanted to feed himself. He does quite well but we did not allow this with birthday cake and ice cream.