Saturday, September 23, 2006

Baby Erik

This is Erik. This is Erik with his Loving Sister. We love Erik. He looks a lot dude when this dude was little...

JoJo Loves the Kitties

Pinky and Blacky normally escape but JoJo caught them and gave them lots of lovin this AM. She loves to carry them around like a baby since she can't carry Erik around.

Peter the Great or Alexander the Great

Normal everyday activities for King Zander or King Peter opps Peter the Great or Alexander the Great. I am not sure where he learned these facial expressions but it could not be from the paternal side of the family.

Once There Was a Snowman Snowman Snowman

After another Friday of snow Alexander and JoJo went out and made a snowman fort type of thing. They were rolling the snow to then make a snowman but decided to instead make a snow fort. Regardless they were outside in the fresh air with their snow suits on which pappa had gotten from storage earlier in the day.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Interesting Fall Colours

What a Difference a Week Makes! Enjoy some fall pictures from us. I call them Fall since SNOW is FALLING.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today a very cool thing happened to the most important person in our family. Cina became a citizen today in the presence of Grandpa Bill and Auntie Mouse. There were almost 200 others with her from 57 countries. It was cool according to all who were there. I was told on Monday that I was traveling this week and although we thought we could hold off on Cina swearing at the US Government...I mean being sworn in as a citizen we decided that with her trip with baby Erik to Sweden in November we could not wait. She needs a US passport since they take her Green Card as soon as she swears herself in. Uncle Paul and Aunt Gretchen were also there to help swear in our wonderful mom, daughter, wife and friend.

Well Done Cina. Well Done Mom. Well Done my best friend.

Pictures to follow.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Swimming in the Bath Tub

Erik this AM got to swim in the bath tub with his mom. He had a fun time. His dad held him in the bath tub on Thursday of this week but just enough to get him wet and clean. Today he got to swim and swim and swim. Just like his days of old before he was born.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fall Colours Galore

These photos taken from our deck speak for themselves. Who would not want to live here and see this for a couple of months in the fall.

Last Saturday and Monday {holiday} I cut down along with a neighbor some 200+ dead trees...yet we still have heaps on the property. I have hauled some of them away {2200lbs worth} and still have 4 loads to go. Fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Pappa Junior - Imitations of Pappa

Zander is trying to
look like pappa. Not a chance since Alexander is much more handsome than his pappa. Anyway...he is eating a hot cinnamon roll from the oven on this Saturday and sitting in Pappa's spot...but oh well. Got to love the white Boyack Wristband