Sunday, July 16, 2006

Zander's Party - One Week Back

For the 2012 Olympics in London Baseball is being replaced with Water Ballon Baseball. If it that was true we have the first team for the US of A here with us in these pictures below.

You see the entire line up in this first picture that we took when we were at the park for Zander's party.
You then see Nate hitting the water ballon that is on the tee. Home run!!!

Next Alexander is swinging away and making it explode.

Then we have Bailey {Pippi Longstrump} hitting away. She must have been thinking this is the managers' head.

Here are Aaron and Caleb making contact as well.

After all was said and done fun was had by all involved.

13 Years Ago Today

Hans was born 13 years ago today. It was a great day for us. He is our oldest and has been a great addition to the family. He is very talented and gentle with his sibs. Here you can see in the series of photos that he had a Princessa Torta {Native Swedish Cake} homemade by his mom as well as what fun it was to wake him up this AM to sing Happy Birthday to him. Needless to say there is not much Princessa Torta left and Hans is off to scout camp for the week tomorrrow at 630 AM.

Our Little Miss India

JoJo finally fits in the outfits I brought home from India two years ago. So today since it has been 100+ for the last 3 days she wore them to Church. However, she did some modeling for everyone before church. Watch out Supermodels...Here comes JoJo.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Famous Cake Maker

Hans wanted to make a special cake for America's Birthday so he did this AM after I cooked the round chocolate cakes. Here is his special American Birthday Cake. It tasted great. The only part left is the area with the stars. The kids loved it lots.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday America

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and tonight we had a ward party. It included a barbaqueue, raising of the colours...for which Hans was voice and then we ate. Everything from steaks and burgers and dogs to home made salads, cookies, pies and home made ice cream. You can see our kids below helping.

We then had musical numbers by the ward choir, then the 'Sunshine Kids' performed a couple of numbers, followed by all singing 'God Bless America.' We then had a major from the 'Triple Duce' the 222 National Gaurd talk to us.

He told of how he has come to understand 'Patriotism' better over the last 18 months since being deployed. He told of how before leaving US soil they were shuttle to Bangor Maine and as they deplaned they were greated by and were able to meet veterns of wars past...Korean, Vietnam, WWII and more. He said that was his first thoughts of Patriotism as he compared what they did with what he was off doing.

He said when they reached Kuwait...that at 2 AM in the morning they were shown a video with their commanders there and the first words stated were 'Welcome to Kuwait. You are now in a combat zone.'

He then talked about how his unit was helping to train the locals to be police. There was a suicide bomber that came to destroy the folks that were lined up to sign up to be local Iraqi Police. Although they killed a couple...there were over 500 men lined up the next day to sign up to become local police. He told of how families of men got together to then get back in line telling their friends they were going back. It did not deter them.

He also related a story about how on one of their first nights there he was called to the gate with his commander {he is a Major} and there were white jeeps, that the Iraqis were driving and they had some of their own dead in the convoy but all they wanted was some gas and food to continue the journey to take their dead back to their homes.

He also related a story about how one night there was a Shoulder Rocket launcher fired at his troops. A couple of days later some of the local kids came by and told them where to find the shoulder rocket. Once they found it...they then gave the kids some soccer balls. One of them was flouresent in colour and they told the kids that if they ever wanted to give more information to the forces that were there they should go out and play with that ball. Every now and then they would come out and play with that ball and a small group of soliders and translators would go and visit the house and talk with the father of the kids. They found out that the insurgents had kicked a couple of the families out of the village and would come and occupy those houses at nights to watch the forces and plan their next moves.

All of these stories should Patriotism of the locals...young and old. He indicated that all of this changed his thoughts of Patriotism and he reflected often on those that were killed for our freedom.

It was great to listen to him for 20 minutes or so as he told of his stories. He joked that there were more than 400 Priesthood holders together and that there probably hadn't been that much Priesthood in that part of the world since Babaylon. He did indicated that it was strange to go home teaching and have RPG's fired at you as you walk to those you Home Teach. He then made a final comment about his men and women. He was told by the Commander coming in to take their place that his men and women were more mature than anyother battalion and the relieving Commander wished that his battalion was that mature.

He ended with his testimony and then got a standing ovation...for him...his service and for his wife...of 18 years who let's him serve his country and his people.

You can see that afterwards we played various games. Including hoola hoop contest and Zander did great with many cheering for him as he had the hoop on his knees for 5 minutes.

Pie eating contest to find a piece of gum and then blow a bubble. Word of warning if you try this at home...make sure the gum you buy is BUBBLE GUM. Steve looks really handsome here...doesn't he?

Then there was a bottle sipping contest where the first one done got the points....

and lastly a water melon seed contest. Who can move the most seeds from their plate to the empty plate next to them. Emile and Zander were both in that.

It was a great time. Happy Birthday America and THANKS to all those who have served, are serving or will serve to keep America Free.