Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Girl Scouts R Us

Here is our all too serious Emma...in her new Girl Scout outfit for her troop. She went on a campout this last weekend and had a blast.

New Critter Friends

Our two little critters found a neighbor's critter...and were having some fun petting the critter.

Fun At Home

We have had some terrific weather here in Atlanta and so we have been playing outside as much as possible. The boys playing football and LaCrosse. Enjoy the pictures.

Having Fun in Savannah

Pappa and the kids got away to Savannah soon after all came back from Sweden. We all had a blast and went to an old lighthouse on Tybe Island. It was 176 stairs up...and Hans and Emilie each carried the bug a boo for one flight.

We then went over to the beach and played for 90 minutes. Erik loved going into the water...let the wave hit him and then he would fall down and let the sand run under his body.