Monday, May 29, 2006

Zander and JoJo - Driveway Dash

The little two kids were trying to be like Emilie. She has to run 15 minutes a day to help her training in the football world to be on the competitive team here that travels. So after two pracitices today she went for a run and got cramps {after a wonderful dinner prepared by dad} but Zander and JoJo thought it would be fun to run in the driveway. So with summer here they are ready for fun. Zander and JoJo went to football {soccer} practice with me whilst Emilie did some drills and they played and played for an hour.

May Snow Brings June Flowers

Let it Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow. Yes, it did snow on Sunday. It was refreshing but not enough to break out the snowmobilies or skis. It did make for a couple of great photos as the snow lightly fell for about an hour.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pippi In The USA

Pippi has escaped from Vimerby and landed here at our house. She came to lunch today to eat with the kids. It was exciting. It was very disappointing that she did not bring Emil or Karlsson pa tacket.

She had writing on her shirt and was all smiles since school is over for the summer. The kids hope that Pippi Longstocking can stay for a long time before needing to go back home to Vimerby.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Achievement Day Recognition

Last night the girls 8-11 had a recognition event where they got their charms for the goals they had set and more. Then they got some dance lessons. The Waltz...The ChaCha...The Swing and more. This is all in preparation for a Daddy-Daughter dance that is coming up soon.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hans' Baseball Game

Hans' team is playing double headers all season long and tonight they played to a 1-1 in the 6th of the first game and went extra innings and lost 2-1. Then in the second game...Hans made a spectacular play at second base catching a semi-line drive and then throwing to third to double off someone...but the third baseman dropped the ball. Hans also got a single with 2 RBIs. However, it was not enough as the catcher fell for the double steal back to back with a guy on third each time and the other team won. was a great time had by all. Luckily the ball game and Emilie's end of year program were next to each other so I could see them both.

Emilies End of Year 4th Grade Class

Emilie's class tonight did their end of year gig and it included some singing and more. The four 4th grade classes did a great job. The talked about the history of the state...naming all 29 counties and more. It was fun to go and learn and then the kids had the parents and sibs dance with them.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Summer Is Here - Water Slide Fun Part II

Here are the Knecht Kids doing the water slide. They played for about an hour out there before getting tired.

Wipe Out Zander trying to stay balanced

Emile having fun

JoJo doing her impression of Bodie Miller - Getting off the course half way through

Summer Is Here - Water Slide Fun Part I

It is early out Wednesday and we have had great weather recently so we broke out the waterslide that I bought last week and the kids were playing in it this afternoon along with three friends that came over. are the friends playing in it and the posting I will do after this will contain the Knecht Kids that are out having fun.

Lauren with a twist and half gainer

Breanna doing a run and Jump, not a belly flop

Bailey with a nice landing

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Recital Time - Libby Hall

Hans, Emilie and Zander had a recital this AM at the red school before Zander and JoJo had a birthday down by the blue school. We had three in the audience watching as well as JoJo and Pappa. Zander played "Aunt Rhody" - Traditional; whilst Emilie played "Judas Maccabaeus" by Handel and Hans played "Minuet" by Boccherini.

All of them did a great job. All of them got great applause with Zander getting the most according to Hans. Hans indicated that Zander's applause was as if he were at a Rock Concert and the others were applauded as if at a proper recital. Zander had tried to play in one other recital...but got scared so this was great that he did it this time without a fuss being the first Knecht to play in the recital.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kids on the Deck

After the recital and before having Pizza...we took a couple of snaps of the kids. It was not quite at sunset like last nights picture...but the kids look great even when making faces.

We might talk with the piano teacher since Hans and Emilie could accompany all of the kids that played in the piano recital today except for three of the songs. Hans knew all of them and could have played them on the cello for them. It was great to see Zander during the recital moving his hands to the songs he knew as if playing the cello.

JoJo decided that she would like to start taking piano. This will be fun for her to play and learn slowly. She will get 10-15 minutes after Emilie's lesson each week and start to learn some music. She loves to lead music during Family Night and loves to play the humming game {hum a tune and then sing the words once someone guesses the song}. She is a singer.

Emilie's Piano Recital

This Afternoon the Spring Recital was held in town. Emilie played two songs. She did a great job. She thinks piano is easier than cello since for piano all you have to do is learn the notes...where as cello you have to know the notes and the proper place to put your hands. She will quickly remember that a scale on the cello or a scale on the piano is still as scale and you have to move up or make the music sound correct.

Emilie is seated next to her teacher.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A Picture is worth a 1000 Words

Tonight's Sunset from our Deck

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cello Day - Hope Academy

Alexander was asked to bring his cello to school to play for his fellow students. So we used the opportunity as a chance to practice for his up coming recital on Saturday May 13th.

He played his recital piece 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody' and then after some question and answers from his fellow students he played 'French Folk Song.' He has been playing the cello for about 6 months now and is really good at it.

You can see that three of his fellow students are watching as he plays his cello. It is a great group of kids that Zander goes to school with and he enjoys their company.