Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sao Paulo

I arrived in Brasil today after a very long set of flights.  I was supposed to fly Copenhagen to Paris and then to Sao Paulo on Friday...but I read on Delata's website later Thursday night that the French pilots of Air France were going on Strike for four days and some flights might be affected.  So I called Air France and they told me my long haul flight from Paris to Sao Paulo was cancelled.  So they told me I could be booked on a partner airline.  They looked at I got to go on Delta.  However, that meant I went via Atlanta.  11 hours to Atlanta and then a four hour layover and then 9 hours to Sao Paulo...however, we boarded and then sat for two hours whilst they fixed the in flight video stuff.  Panasonic at their best.

Here is a picture from outside my hotel looking at one of the landmarks in Sao Paulo. to have dinner with some Sisters and Elder from the Mission 24 years ago.  Boy am I old!!!!!!!

More Halloween Pictures..Yes it is November

Here are the other snaps of Hans as the Joker.  He had quite a good costume and the kids had fun at our place.  Some of the others kids in the branch are shown here as well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

M's 12th - What A Great Girl She Is

Ms turned 12 on the 5th. What a Great Young Lady she has become. She was advanced out of primary on Sunday and will join the YW regularly when the other two primary girls advance next month as well. They are going up all three together so that they don't have one in one class and two in another. She waited after the Branch President presented here since she was expecting to recite an AofF.

And Who Says We Are Not Related

Here is Erik on Emilie's Birthday eating a Banana. He was having fun doing this. He loves a banana.