Saturday, March 24, 2007

Swinging In the New Swings - Erik Is Having A Blast

Cina got for Erik today a swing and a bouncer for inside the home. We had bought one when we first arrived here and it was not long enough. Now this one allows him to touch the floor and bounce. We then took him outside since it was over 80 degrees today and swang in the new swing hooked up to our play ground.

Enjoy the pictures of the cutest boy in the neigborhood.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Real Food - Um Um Good

Erik has been eating real food now for about 5 weeks and is enjoying it a lot. Today he looks more like 'Cookie Monster' according to Cina than anyone else...he and his JoJo posed for some photos after a good meal of peas and pears or carrots and bananas or maybe squash. Regardless of what...he enjoyed it and sis enjoyed being there with the monster.

The ones of Erik's face just make Auntie Mouse want to reach out and squeeze them or kiss them!!!!!!!!!!

JoJo is acting out Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde or maybe she has split personalities....or maybe it is just a family trait. You guys be the judge

Monday, March 05, 2007

Emma's Palace Revisted

Emma's Room is now complete with the bedding and more. However, we still don't have a desk and such for her. More to come later.

Also included is a picture of our Emma and her hat...that matches her bed cover.