Saturday, July 21, 2007

So Why No Recent Posts I haven't posted for a while since my bride and kids have been overseas and still are. However, I want to share some items about the kids.

Hans turned 14 on the 16th. Here is what the Scout Master said about him in issuing a 'Thank You' you to Hans

"Going, going, Gone! This week we say goodbye to Hans who will be moving up to the Teachers Quorum and Varsity Crew. Hans has done a great job as our Senior Patrol Leader. He lead us through Summer Camp and even though his tenure was relatively short, he set a great example (he is a Life Scout, watch to see how quickly he earns his Eagle) and he was very faithful in fulfilling all his responsibilities. We wish him well on his new challenges."

Hans has been having a great time in Sweden and is currently at the European Jamboree and will be home on Sunday.

Ms has been having fun in Sweden with some of her old friends from past trips. She has also helped out greatly, like Hans for the first two weeks over there whilst Erik and JoJo were flipping time zones. Ms also had a 'birthday' party there for her as to not be left off, although she just turned 10 in November.

Zander celebrated his 7th Birthday after being there for two weeks and had a blast. It was a 'ARGH Pirates' Party. ALl had fun according to those that were there.

JoJo has also had a fun time and is speaking more Swedish. She is really a great big sister and is concerned when Pappa calls. She always wants to make sure I speak to everyone including that he is not left out.

Erik is having a fun time and started walking at 10 months or so. The first report came from Emilie...'He took 15 steps without falling.' 1 month later he is toddling around the house and making havoc as all 11 month olds should. He will be home in time for his first birthday.