Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tooth Out

Alexander finally lost the tooth he was wanting to lose for more than 3 weeks. It was loose when we were Happy Grandma's. The tooth had to be taken to school before the 'Fairy' came. By taking it to schools, Zander was able to bring home a 'Tooth Fairy Diary' which all the kids contribute to if you have lost a tooth during the school year.

Coming home with the Diary had to be enough proof for the fairy since Zander lost the tooth at school....although he had put it right back in 'his backpack after showing it to the teacher.'

Saturday, October 14, 2006

San Francisco Fun

The kids and Cina had a fun day in Fransan Frisco. All sorts of things were happening including seals, merry go-rounds and more. No one got left at Alcatraz for bad behaviour. IN fact there was a labour union dispute going on whilst we were there. The National Parks had just fired the B&W Fleet and hired a new company and the B&W folks were picketing and telling people they would not be safe. Oh well. If you make it to Alcatraz and out again...count your blessings.

Great Granny's Old Hats

HG got out her mother's hats and some of her own and the kids had fun trying them on and being too cool for words {Hans}. Maybe that modeling contract Hans was offered when he was four should come back and see him now.

Smiling Erik

Erik has started to smile iin the last week. Here are some pic's from today. Caught on camera by Cina our smiling boy.

Domino's R Us

The kids broke out the Domino's whilst at Mom's and Dallin again was a great cousin and helped build it out. Here he is with JoJo and then the rest of the kids in pictures that the award winning photog Hans took.

Then and Now - Happy Grandma's Building Blocks

When we are at HG's house the kids like building with the blocks. The first photos are from 2003 with Hans and Emilie having had quite an accomplishment. Dallin helped Hans build this time round {Oct '06} with the same amount of success. Fun and Games with Cousins.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pretty Girl

Here are a couple of shots a pretty girl in a new outfit.

Big Sister Loves Erik

Here is a big sister that loves her little brother.