Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pippi's Birthday Party

Pippi Got Her Outfit from Mormor o Ake

Wasnt' too sure if she was happy or not

Pippa and all her friends from Ville Villikulla watched a show

Then they did Pippi's Favourite thing to do... Make cookies

They got to toss gold coins and toss their dad's shoes to see which one's would fly the farthest.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Driver's License at age 18 {months}

"It is really okay to ride with me. I have seen mom and dad do this for 18 months."

"Really...I do know how to drive. No Comments or I will have to bite your nose."

"Now that it is started...I need to turn on the lights."

"Am I doing okay?" I haven't hit anyone yet.

"My mom laughs at my dad when he drives too!!!"

"Opps I didn't turn on the air conditioning for the kids in the back."

"I saw that stop sign...but there was no cop. No Cop...No Stop"

"Are you getting out so soon? We just got going."

Erik has decided that driving is the best thing in the world and so he has been practicing a lot. Yesterday, during church since we are in the pre-nursery month, I took him outside to keep him occupied during the third hour.