Monday, March 27, 2006

Gifted and Talented Hans

Saturday was a busy day as you can tell from the Cello. Hans was not there as he was in Midvale at a Middle School there participating in the GATE {Gifted and Talented} program with others from his school. They had to perform two skits that they had worked on throughout the last couple of months. They were judged across Utah all on Saturday and his group came in Second overall within Utah. He was stoked as he came home from the days activities.

No pictures...since we were not there as Cina had JoJo at home and I had Emilie and Zander at Cello...but Hans did well and we are proud of him.

Cello Around Town - National Federation Junior Festivals

Alexander and Emilie {non-blurry photo - taken after re-setting the lens on the camera body} both presented two pieces at a review board on Saturday at Gardner Hall at the University of Utah. It was Zander Banders First Recital. He had been given an previous opportunity when he first started playing 6 months ago, but had cold feet. This time he played 'Twinkle Variation A' and 'French Folk Song.' Emilie played two pieces as well. Both of them had to play a 'Required' piece as well as a 'Fun Piece.'

Both received ratings of 'Superior' from the three panel judge {No Simon on the panel}.

I also attach a photo from when Zander first was insterested in the cello...still in diapers...but wanting to be like his big brother and sister.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hankuna Matata

No matter what happens...I think back to our favourite line from the 1996 we looked at what may or may not happen...the folks from AOB taught me to say "Hankuna Matata" my heals and it would all work...or almost work.

Anyway...we found Pumba at the San Diego Zoo. He was busy bowing down to her child. You see she is kneeling and there is a baby behind her.

Other Interesting Animals at the San Diego Zoo

An assorment of pictures from the zoo showing some of the other animals we saw. We are glad that none of them thought we should come into their cages.

Another Did you know!

As you look at the Zebra that their stripes are like the human fingerprints. No two Zebra's stripes are a like. No...if we could have just taken their picutres and put a jail number underneath them they could have been baseball players on steriods!!!!

Same Number Vertebrate?

Did you know that Giraffes and Humans have the same number of vertabrae in their necks. What an interesting concept.

Bears, and Elephants and Bears - Oh My

Whilst at the World Famous San Diego Zoo...we saw many anminals...but here are snaps of some of them.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

NBC Peacock at the San Diego Zoo

We think that this Peacock got out of the NBC Burbank studios and ended up at the San Diego Zoo.

I know it could not be a peacock from 30 Rock since they could not fly that far. However, it could have walked from NBC studios in Burbank.

Zoo Time - San Diego That Is

JoJo and Hans on the top level of the bus at the San Diego Zoo. It was a cold and rainy Friday here but after getting wet at SeaWorld...we meet at the Zoo and rode the express tour around the park before everyone was cold, especially JoJo and Hans.

We saw Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sara's Special Pillow

In order to get Sara 'JoJo' to sleep on the floor whilst here at the Sheraton in San Diego we had to tell her that the Sheraton had supplied special pillows with her initials on it. Once she saw the 'S' she went to sleep.

Seal Feeding Time

Here are all four of the Knechts feeding Seals at SeaWorld in San Diego. They are feeding eels to the Seals. They would have liked to eat the eels themselves, but the sign at Sea World said 'Please Don't Feed The Animals.'

The kids and Mom went to Sea World whilst Dad went whale watching in the Pacific Ocean.

I would have uploaded pictures of the whales we saw in the Pacific Ocean but our captain of our boat lost the grey whale that was being tracked by a boat that handed off the whale to us.

We had two boats and one was alongside the other boat and then we took the other boats place. Both of the boats LOST a grey whale. Go figure.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Emilie - Watch Out She Knows It All

Emilie is trying to teach Hans how to Fly Dumbo Higher in the Sky but only after papa got warned to not let JoJo stand {she slipped off my leg}.

Below...Emilie is loooking pretty fancy in her purple people eater

Knecht Brothers - Crusing Disneyland

By using 'Fast Pass' tickets Hans and Zander got back out on the course with Hans being a very helpful big brother to the whiplash kid. Hans had to go to the Hotel and get a massage after letting Zander have the wheel. Good thing there are 10.5 years until Zander gets a real chance at driving.

Hans was an awesome big brother helping all of the younger ones out...but he enjoyed taking Emilie on 'Space Mountain' and the 'Matterhorn' today. She has not been the same since.

JoJo Enjoying Disneyland

JoJo has enjoyed her first day at Disneyland celebrating papas 40th birthday. She is seen here driving a car {after she woke up}; inside 'Its A Small World' and riding the Merry Go Round. She got tuckered out half way through the day and took a good hard nap whilst Pappa, Emilie, Hans and Zander had some fun driving the cars.

Zander and Driving At Disneyland

Here is a cool shot from two and a half years ago and now. Almost identical when Zander was driving the cars then when we went to Disneyland in mid 2003 and now.

Zander also shows his good driving technics by ...opps...crossing his hands completely over each other when turning.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Uncle Paul and the Four Knechtions

Well, on our way to Disneyland for my 40th birthday, we stopped to see Gretchen and Paul. After a fabulous breakfast of Paul's french toast, juice, bacon, cantelope, apples, cereal and more we went off exploring. We went exploring in the Snow area of St. George.

We spent time on some petrified sand dunes as well as taking a hike {about 2 miles} into some lava caves and more. It was quite fun for all. Uncle Paul was a great tour guide and host. On top of the sand dunes we tried to fly some kites, but the winds were not strong enough and so it was a lost cause. However, the hike to the lava caves was a hit for all the kids and they slept soundly as we drove to Anaheim for my Disneyland Birthday fun.

Peak A Boo

JoJo was enjoying her NBC ear warming hat upon my return from Torino.

Craig, I did not wear this on the way home to keep the noise out of my ears on the flights. Instead I snored loudly so no one else would be able to sleep.