Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Here is Zander playing a 'Pilindian' or an 'Indilgrim.' Anyway...all dressed up for Thanksgiving. He is such a wonderful boy.

JoJo is showing off her wonderful TurkeyDay Placemat.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Outside @ Night

Last pictures for tonight. It is 11 PM and I am going to sleep. Here is the front of the house and the driveway. The camera was having trouble with the White Balance and so it did not work well. This is the best I could do at 9 PM at night.

Dinnig Room

Still on the main level on the left inside the front door lies the 'Dining Room' where we will have to dine off the floor without a table. There is an indentical room on the right of the front door without the 'chandy' that will be the music room. The entire main level is hardwood, just replaced in the kitchen and redone in the living, dining and music rooms. 3 coats of protectant.

Living Room to the Kitchen & Up the Stairs


Here are pictures still in the LR and into the Kitchen and then the staircase to upstairs.

Living Room

Here is the Living Room with a Fire Place and Built in Book Shelves. Yes, that is Robert Weber in the picture, the guy I stayed with in Atlanta.

Kitchen Pictures

Here are pictures of the kitchen of the home we just bought. It was just re-done with new backsplash, granite and hardwood floor. New appliances are going in tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Erik's Blessing

Today we blessed Erik in Church today and had family and friends there to participate. We had friends from the ward, as well as family come for the occassion. Andy and Anna Bay, the Probst's; Aunt Jean and Uncle Burr; Grandpa Bill and then the Thomas' as well. There was a great spirit there and we are truly blessed to have Erik in our home.

Here are some pic's from afterwards at home.

10 Years Ago Today

10 Years ago today two things happened. One was a blessing and one was a curse. Early in the AM on the 5th November Emilie-Karin entered into our lives at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Later that day Slick Willy was re-elected. Now to the happier one. Emilie was born and for the last 10 years has brought joy and happiness into our lives. Here are some pictures of her from this AM following our tradition of waking up the birthday kid and having a little party.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

We Are Children - Holding Hands Around the World

The primary program was last Sunday and the kids participated in not only with their speaking parts, but then the 'Family von Knecht' played the cello for 'Did Jesus Really Live Again.' They did a great job. For the closing song the kids came down from the choir seats, joined with the young women, and Hans who had gotten dressed up as well, and sang 'We Are Children Holding Hands Around the World.'

The kids dressed up in outfits from three different countries. Hans and Emilie are in native outfits from Sweden, whilst Zander has on a 'Happy Coat' from Nagano and JoJo has on a Hanbok from Korea {yes, obtained during the 1988 Olympics, in hopes of getting married and having a daughter}. We have two of them that have been worn on limited occassions, since they are dry clean only and I need to find a Korean dry cleaner to do it. Good luck here in town.

Paint Ball Fun

Well...Hans has had his paintball stuff for a while, but this last week we went out as a family to shot at a target. Now we all had fun. Emilie was shooting like the mobster did in 'Mobsters and the Mormons' whilst Zander would aim high and hit the trees. Hans was a pretty good aim. Looking at the target as we shot orange coloured paint balls with a bulleyes of the same colour there was some discussion of who hit the bullseye. Anyway we had fun paintballing a target. Pappa now knows why the kids love to go do this at a paintball place. Maybe we will have to do that after we have moved to Hotlanta.