Monday, January 22, 2007

Emma's Palace & Hans ' Playroom

Hans' simple room

It will be very easy to figure out who occupies which room here at the house. Enjoy these for what they picked. The kids got to pick their own stuff and create the atmosphere they want to have. They have all let their personalities show through.

Kids Rooms

Zander's expandable bed with a dresser of drawers

Erik's crib and rocking chair for mom to use.

JoJo and Zander's mirror and entry to the bathroom

JoJo's princess bed

Erik's New Toy

Cina found a high chair for our 'doodles' and it came today. Got to love high tech stuff {internet, fedex and more}. When we get old...we might use one of these too.

JoJo Back At School

JoJo started school again today. She was the last one to get set up. We found a Montessori school that has three campus' including one at a University in town. They have been around for 18+ years and after our interview on Friday, JoJo started today. It will be good for her development and her progress. She is a smart girl and wants so bad to go to school like the big brothers and sister.

There were two classes there, one that had one opening and a brand new class with only 6 people. We opted, since the door was opened, to put her into the well established class. She will have a great time and do well.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Erik Models the Furniture

Erik sits on some of the coolest furniture in town and models his jump suit and big blue binky. As you can see his outfit contrasts nice with the 'aqua' sofas we have placed in the living room whilst his binky and Christmas bib clashes. Next Erik shows us how the 'chocolate' chair goes nicely with the agua. We would have shown him lying on the Christie Brinkley rug, but R2G sent the wrong rug.

You then see Erik's response when informed that Senator Hillary would be running and is 'in it to win' the Presidential Election in 2008. Erik is voting for Mitt as often as he can and has told all of his peers that they should also vote for Mitt. Babies know an honest candidate when they see one.

Erik won't be commenting much on the rest of the political scene but you can join him for his thoughts weekly on this blog.

Burpy Halfday For SJK

The future moviestar had a big day this last week. We had to postpone it by a couple of days since Pops was travelling and not home. All the family went along with it so that she would not be sad. We woke her up and she got presents, lollis and flowers on her big day.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Present from Grandpa Bill - For Our Four Year Old

JoJo got in the mail today a present from Grandpa Bill for her birthday. Although she is bright...and talented...her reading is just now coming along. No better time to learn another language {scripturian}. She was very excited. She started looking through it already. Here she is showing us some of her favourite pictures. Thanks for a great tradition.