Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boyack Reunion 2006 - Fun Times Galore

Every two years family members from the George and Jane Boyack family get together for a family reunion. This year there were almost 250 people together for 3.5 days.

There was the traditional square dance welcome on Thursday night that had a bit of a hip hop twist by doing the macarena and chicken dance. We got there later than normal since we were at the Swim meet until almost 8 PM.

On Saturday morning we had the Boyack Olympics. There were races for the kids of all ages. There were also a race where the mom's were blindfolded and their kids had to call mom and the mom had to find the kids.

Additionally, there was a race where the fathers had to carry all of their kids past the finish line. I had Hans on my shoulders and JoJo too...and Zander and Emilie on my feet. I should have had them under my arms...but I learnt for next time.

You also see Mrs. Olympics...Josie Barthalomew {Prestwich} informing folks of the rules for one of the events.

There was a relay race where the teams had to do a cartwheel...wheel barrow...crab walk and then skipping and finally hopping. This branch of the family didn't set any records in that race, but they had fun as evidenced by the photos.

Then there was a race for the cardiac kids. Everyone from Larry and George to Beth and Brian. Brian pulled out a surprising upset and won the did his barefooted Colin in a previous race for his age group.

We then went back to the hotel and pool room and had a blast playing chicken and more.

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Shauna said...

Okay, I can't stop laughing at the play-by-play photos of Beth and Brian running the semi-old-people race...that's AWESOME! And now that Levi's seen there's a "carry all your kids" race, I think you can count on us showing up to the next reunion!

Thanks for those fun to see...wish we could've gone, dangit! Next time...