Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Trip to Paris - Big Kids Tagging Along

We finally did it. No More London...Paris was the choice and so we went. We all had fun...for the most part. Hans was sick and missed a big XBOX Tournament...but survived.

We had a great time at the different sites France offers...but were especially moved as we went to Normanady and saw the beaches of Omaha and Utah where the American Troops came and fought. To see the Cemetery there with over 9000+ bodies was also spectacular. Words cannot express our gratitude to the men and women {mostly men in those days} that died in the cause.

We saw families with three and possibly four generations walking around Normandy. We heard languages from around the world being spoken there at the site. It was awesome to think that peoople from all around the world come to see...pay respect to or just wonder about this historic area.

The kids went swimming in the waters on the Omaha beach. We dipped our toes...but...that was it.

As one walks the beach, a person cannot help but think about the beautiful rocks and sea shells that are found there. One also wonders if the red ones were originally another colour but are red in honour of those that gave their life for freedoms of many.

I also loved the pictures of the foot prints being washed away and going their seperate ways. It reminds me of the poem 'footpints in the sand' where it is talked about two sets of prints and then only one when Christ is carrying us.

I post many pictures....so that all can share in the personal experience we had.


HILLARY said...

amazing pictures! thank you for sharing your vacation! what a memorable trip to take with your kids. my oldest wants to go to france, she was in french2 as a freshman, and we want to go with her!

you have a beautiful family!

Denise said...

Wow! What an incredible trip. Hans is looking more and more like you way back when. Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a grand trip. I am soooo glad that H and E had that experience along with you. I shed a tear or two at the sight of those white crosses.... and read the inscription. what a tribute! HG....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, so much. They all brought back great memories and you all are beautiful and handsome!!!
Loves, Grandpa Bill